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If you like to write creatively it’s likely you will also want to have people read your work. The best way to do this, and the easiest, is on the internet. There are loads of forums for writers. In fact I’m creating one myself at

If you join up you can submit poetry and prose for review and feedback. I am thinking about limiting it to twenty serious writers with the aim of submitting a thousand words of prose and 3 poems per month. So at any given time ten reviews would be needed per month. The forum will be closed to search engines and only registered users wil be able to view the work.

I’m hoping for serious writers to join who want to be published. Perhaps you have completed a degree or post graduate course and want to carry on writing. Perhaps you have been published but want annonymous but informed reviews. Perhaps you just want to be read.

I hope to have a forum up and running soon. In the meantime anyone interested in joining email me.


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